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What's in a name?

Here's the story behind Muddy Girl Media & Muddy Girl Productions.

Like your own moniker, company names can reveal a brand's soul.

Many years ago, after a soul-crushing career experience (see previous post on that!), I decided to strike out on my own for a while.

Creativity was calling me. Career break-throughs were beckoning. And, caretaking for our growing family also hung in the balance.

My firm belief has always been -- women can have it all. But maybe not at the same time. At least not in my own life.

Back then, it was equally important for me to be home with my young children as it was to be out in the world making magic happen.

I was in the muddy middle...

Looking for a way to blow off some steam, I decided to participate in a MUD RUN with some friends.

The idea of challenging myself while overcoming obstacles along a 10K course filled with ICKY STICKY GOOEY WET mud seemed like a great way to spend a morning. Little did I know!

It was one of the most difficult and amazing experiences! Our smiling faces at the end say it all.

Afterwards, we went to breakfast and I announced to my friends that I knew what was next for me. Instead of seeking another job, I was going to strike out on my own until my children were grown.

My company name would embody the soul of that muddy experience.

Getting deep in the muck, working hard and persevering is what we did and what we do as girls and women.

Instead of having a 'clean career,' I could choose to be messy using my creative skills in any way that worked for me.

I didn't have to choose one thing: I could choose many.

Since that morning many years ago, I've written and sold TV/film projects, managed and marketed musicians, produced many events and experiences, and brought many big ideas to life.

Across it all, I've always been a #womansupportingwomen.

I'm excited to bring my 'muddy' energy to a new challenge.

Let's connect.


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