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Story Teller

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Strategic  Communicator  Event  Producer

 Writer  Speaker   |  Idea-list  |  Mentor

A meaningful life is messy;
when it gets muddy, I just keep walking.

It’s marvelous.  

We’re all so much more than our resume, LinkedIn profile or the curated photos on social media.  Like you, I’m years of experiences. 


I tried creating a list of all the “-ists” I am or have been. But I ran out of paper, sticky notes and wall space. I’ve been around for more than a minute. Here are just a few:  idealist, feminist, strategist, altruist, cannabist, environmentalist, publicist, enthusiast, optimist, conversationalist, perfectionist, essayist, journalist, novelist (one day?) and frequent tourist. I’m also a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.  These are the true-ist.  


For a little more on me, here’s a short biography I crafted.  (click here)


One thing you should absolutely know:  the days I spent as a singing telegram have informed almost every strategy session, speaking engagement, and special event I’ve done over the years.  I’ll be happy to tell you why.

Been there. Done that. 

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