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Event Production is Exhausting

Many event producers will tell you -- I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Let me tell you about the past few weeks...

I do many things for work. Paying work.

But sometimes my personal life benefits from my professional talents.

#eventproduction is a creative skill, an organizational endeavor and sometimes a back-breaking effort -- it's one of my super powers.

Recently I produced an event for Revel, a platform for women who are all 40+. I'm a member, a group moderator, a host of virtual and IRL events and its an all volunteer endeavor.

I scouted an amazing location (@vitoschnabelgallery), sourced a wine vendor (thank you, shopped for all the food, set-up the space, coordinated the guest list, promoted the event on social media, served as hostess and photographer and navigated introductions and conversations. FUN with a purpose!

This weekend, I'm entertaining 19 family members arriving for Passover from the Czech Republic (Prague), Florida (Naples and Ft Lauderdale), Utah (Salt Lake), Texas (Houston), Nevada (Vegas), Oregon (Hood River) and NorCal (Santa Cruz).

I'll have 33 guests for #passover in my back yard. So YES another event production with rentals, menus, decor, and more.

When they leave, I'll be heading to the desert for #stagecoachfestival where I'll work, work work.

See me sleeping...yea not much of that for a while!


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