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This might be controversial but…

Forget words.

Good photos of yourself are more important on social media.

Let me explain…

On LinkedIn and all social platforms, people are moving fast.

What stops them is a good photo.

It’s all about first impressions.

When you’re looking at a profile.

When you’re scrolling.

And, especially when you’re swiping.

(you…not me. I’m happily married!)

What stops you is the picture. The personality that shines through.

Should it look like you? YES

Should it look like the best version of you? Sure, why not?

If the photo is engaging, interesting, and authentic…people will read the words.

#linkedincreators encourage us to select "great cover photos to help potential followers understand our brand in an instant so picking photos that reflect our personality is crucial."

If you aren’t spending time and even money to invest in good photos, you’re selling yourself short.

I believe that photos, like posts, should tell a story.

Scroll through my photos (thanks to @anaisbenoudiz).

I’m telling you who I am in every shot.

What do your photos say about you?


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