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That's me - talking to anyone who will listen!

Communication has always been my super-power.

Invention + Imagination are my tools. Here's the story:

We lived in a small apartment in Dickinson, Texas.

My parents will do anything to get me out of the house.

I'm always talking, asking questions, and making up stories.

Suddenly, this wondrous toy appears. Walkie-Talkies

We can talk without wires -

The first cell phones.

Did we know we were seeing into the future? No.

But some people did.

New York TImes writer, Jack Gould said, “[O]nly the bounds of human imagination will place a limit on the usefulness of the ‘walkie-talkie'...(it's) going to make life both more efficient, enjoyable and in many instances downright fun."

Little did he know.

After that, I had a CB Radio. Remember those?

10-4 good buddy, what's your 20?

I went from chatting to friends around the corner, to talking to people around the world.

We shared news about our neighborhoods.

I created a radio show with my friends.

Then, it happened.

Our family became one of the first to own a computer.

It was a Commodore Pet.

My parents owned the first Computerland franchises in our town.

We were watching the future happen.

I could write without paper.

But even more thrilling - gathering friends to create games.

Technology for creativity and communication.

Telling stories.

I believe that AR & VR are the next level.

Immersive Tech is going to change our lives once again

I can't wait. What about you?


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