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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I'm not laying down on the job. Here's what I'm doing...

OK - I am on a couch. My feet are up. My eyes are closed.

It had been a long day working. I actually WAS resting but I was also thinking about everything else I needed to do that day.

Anyone who works in event production -- and particularly music festival production -- knows that its VERY long hours with little sleep in between. But that is truly the fun of it -- like going to summer camp for a few weeks.

This photo was taken a while ago but I remember it vividly. I don't think I truly appreciated it then. The work, the camaraderie, the excitement right before "doors" open and then seeing months of effort come to fruition as the patrons experience all of it.

I didn't appreciate it fully until live music came to a complete halt; until I wasn't counting the days until I could see the next concert, attend the next event, work on the next show.

The last two years have been tough on fans, live event staff, venues, and (of course) musicians and artists of all types. It's been tough on the country and I'm not sure we'll ever be the same.

But I do know this...we've shown resilience, grit and determination. We've all learned new skills, learned new ways to work and new appreciation for the work we have.

I've done many things in my long, varied career. Creating experiences will always be one of my favorite endeavors.


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