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It’s almost April – festival season!

Two years ago:

I was calling my team. Coachella and Stagecoach were canceled.

All that hard work, months of planning, many meetings, and money already spent.

The build was in progress. I was two weeks away – I could almost hear the drills, hammers and activity go silent.

Who would I be without this work I’d been doing for the past 15 years?

I’d built a reputation as the “go to” gal for big ideas, creating ancillary entertainment.

I’ve always been a team player ready to make anything happen.

And, I’ve thrived on transforming ideas into experiences.

I felt appreciated, respected, and valued by others in my industry.

Suddenly, parts of my life and thousands of others were powered down. There would be no month in the desert, no golden light streaming across the mountains, no excited fans. Tents were left flapping in the wind.

Everything would sit idle for two years.

And now its back. And I’m back at it.

But many things have changed.

There are many new faces. And changes – positive ones - to reflect the time.

I’m different too.

For two years I took care of my family, focused on learning and unlearning, reconnected with friends, hosted online events, taught myself new skills, engaged in deep conversations, and reconnected with writing.

I grew as a person.

I see myself now as a “modern elder” ready to deeply engage in every aspect of work.

I’m also here to mentor and teach.

The worries, anxiety, and small annoyances don’t matter to me now.

I’m grateful – so grateful – and appreciative of things and people I may have taken for granted.

More than that, I’m ready for every opportunity that is coming my way.

I’ll always be a woman who’s just getting started. That’s how much energy I have. Always.


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