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Haver you ever counted your many selves?

We all wear different hats – play different roles.

At work. At home. With family. With friends.


Each person we are affects the way we look at the world.

The way we approach people, situations, and our profession.

Here are some of my roles.


I’m the fourth generation of first-born daughters. My mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother were all working mothers and business-owners. They set a great example.


I have a younger brother and two younger step-sisters. As the oldest, I’m the instigator and initiator. Birth order is one indicator of how we approach life.


I’ve been happily married for 30 years to a man I met at work. Lucky me! My husband is my friend, partner and cheerleader for every endeavor and job I’ve held.


I have three amazing adult children – two daughters and a son.

Being a parent brings a different perspective to our lives and I learn from them every day.


I’m fortunate to share fun with many people who add rich experiences to my life. For my 50th birthday a few years ago, I had an adult pajama party with 50 women!

Here are a few other hats I’ve worn throughout my life:

Feminist. Singing telegram. Scout leader. Yogi. Californian. Sagittarius. Extravert. Storyteller. Event producer. Publicist. Writer.

I'm many people. Get to know me!


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