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Do you experience JOMO? Tell me.

This is a lesson I hope we've learned in the past two years. I have.

Social media elevated FOMO to new heights, but JOMO is me now.

I'm not sure when FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) became part of our vernacular. Maybe the same time YOLO was making the rounds. But, the idea that we're all chasing experiences is dangerous and, I believe, denies us from our true wants/needs.

Yes - we only live once - but should we be chasing something just because other people are doing it, going there, buying it? What are we actually missing? I'm asking myself this question more each day.

I'd never heard the term JOMO until a few days ago but it reminds me of #mariekondo who popularized the term "spark joy" by tidying. Her guiding principle is to "make room for meaningful objects, people and experiences." This idea applies to how I want to live now.

Tell me how you're living differently since 2020.


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