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Career Paths

Not always a yellow brick road, some are the forest of Burzee.

Wizard of Oz fans will get this. Mentors can change everything.

I've been more than fortunate to have had some incredible mentors along the windy road,

through the tangled forests and,

towards the castles in my creative working life.

Some I worked for...all I've worked with.

All have been women.

Mentors don't have to be older than us - we can learn from anyone!

The role of a good mentor is to bolster us, care about us, help us succeed. Today, I want to extend eternal gratitude to a few:

-- Carole Smith who hired me as a college representative for Columbia Pictures which led me to move to Los Angeles;

-- Peggy Villines who hired me first for De Laurentiis Films (one job connected me to my husband!) and then again for projects;

-- Marci Blaze who guided me, hired me, pushed me, inspired me and is still one of the best connectors I know;

-- Fonda Snyder, Dawn Heinrichs and Jacquie Israel who fostered creative energy in so many ways.

A few other women I'm fortunate to know, work with (past and present) and be inspired by include 🌺 Bonnie Marquez ~ MBA, Caroline Burruss, and Mapi Moran.

As someone who's had great mentors, I've also worked hard to mentor others - in particular young women. I hope I've been as inspiring.


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