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BOSSY has such negative connotations

This is my favorite coffee cup. I sip hot steaming black brain juice out of it. It’s a daily reminder.

BOSSY has such negative connotations – and it’s a word mostly applied to girls and women. Being the BOSS is gender neutral but it’s a power word. Don’t let it fool you though.

Being the boss also carries a huge weight of responsibility, particularly if you work for yourself.

People think -- I only answer to myself.

But, that’s not exactly true.

I work on projects which means I answer to many different people.

I navigate different personalities, different office cultures, different deadlines.

People are envious because -- I set my own schedule.

But, that’s not exactly true either.

I have to be flexible and available when I’m needed.

People think -- I work at my own pace.

Nope. Not always true.

As a freelancer, I work at the pace required of the project.

There are certainly benefits to working for myself.

But, I miss collaboration.

So, I’ll always be looking for the perfect place to share a coffee.


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