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Are you there Medium? It’s me, MuddyGirl

How the platform’s new design lets us strut our stuff

Joining Medium last month has been like opening a book in the middle, walking into a movie late, or even worse, striding into the high school cafeteria as the new girl. So much had already happened over here; I realized it would be hard to ever catch up. It also takes a while to figure out who the cool, popular writer kids are and I’m just finding my way around this new town.

I signed up to take Tom Kuegler Medium Mastery class because who doesn’t need more money right now? And, I have a kid almost his age and these youngsters seem to know everything; I’ll never be too old to be a student.

Then, voila, I open up the platform and — WOW — there’s an edit. Suddenly, the school’s welcome mat is out so everyone can know us better. Huzzah!

As Ritwik Dey said in his post, the new design will allow Medium users to create a “personalized space” that is a “reflection of ourselves.”

Well, check it out Ev Williams and all you beautiful Medium staffers (hey, a little gratitude and cozying up to the powers-that-be never hurts). I’ve already redecorated my space and I’m damn happy about it.

Here’s why:

1. My Handle — I’ve called myself a “muddy girl” for years. It’s been the name of my company, my Burning Man name (yes I gave it to myself against playa rules) and I’ve used it for all social media. I’ve been Muddy Girl Productions for my work in music festival production, TV/film production and for a music company that I started. I’m Muddy Girl Media for some PR work and writing I’ve done. Here, you can see who I am. Writer.

2. My Graphic — The high-heeled image that’s now my graphic has been on my business card for years and accurately represents me: a kick-ass woman with good legs (I hope mine still look as good!) slogging undettered through the mud (in heels mind you) to get somewhere. That’s me! I’m going to be writing stories here that reflect the many, MANY ways my life and the lives of other women has been muddy. But, we still keep going.

3. My Colors:

BLUE: Unlike Dorothy Gale, I don’t have red sparkly shoes. I’m not going to click my heels for home — I’m finding a new home here. Mine shade is LAPIS LAZULI which happens to be my birthstone (December 5 for those who want to send me a card). Lapis is supposed to increase awareness, wisdom, and truth — all things I’m hoping for here.

BROWN: Seeking a color that represents mud, I hit on this earth tone which has hints of orange (my favorite color). This color represents strength, reliability and earthiness, everything I hope to bring to my writing here.

4. My Mantra: I’m going to figure out how to add my mantra to my profile, which I hope will also be the first page of my eventual book (ya’ hear that universe?)

“The women I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong and they handled it. They handled it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Things may look different here for the Medium Masters, for all ya’ll who know the drill, get the thousands of claps and already have tons of fans. I’ve read some of the nay-saying posts, the hater-nation commentary from the change resisters. But for us new kids, getting to strut our stuff and show off a bit is great news! I still have tons to learn but I’m happily taking a seat among you.

Class is in session!


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